First XI vs Rondebosch at Rondebosch, 16 Dec 2022

With their season already somewhat in the balance following four defeats from eight matches, Cape Town now faced the tough prospect of tackling regular title challengers Rondebosch on their own home ground.

Arriving at the Terry Eksteen Oval under heavy skies remaining from earlier rain, the visitors found a wet patch just off the pitch that necessitated waiting for it to dry out.   That already seemed a dubious outcome given the already-present heavy cloud cover, which only continued to increase, and once that escalated into a proper downpour about 30 minutes after the scheduled starting time, it did not take the umpires and two captains long to agree that no play was going to happen on that particular day, and the points were shared.

It was a pattern that was to repeated across the province as the rain swept in with determination, also washing out the other three matches simultaneously being played elsewhere – although each of those at least made a small start to proceedings before being abandoned (it was Ottomans’ good fortune that they had already rescheduled their meeting with Rylands to the Sunday instead, given the impracticalities of Muslim clubs playing on a Friday.  They used the opportunity well too, securing an against-the-odds win over their hosts).

A. Gray (c.), D. Butler, J. Christensen, S. van Greunen, L. van Wyk, M. Wyngaard, T. Predgen, L. Stevens, T. Peters, E. Visser, A-A. Shaik.

Cape Town:
G. A. Dods (c.), W. C. Hantam, M. J. Goles, E. J. Cunningham, F. S. Middleton, K. M. Schreuder, C. A. Jeffery, N. A. Schultz, B. J. Young, M. D. Olsen, D. A. Rolfe

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