First XI vs Kraaifontein at Kraaifontein, 17 Dec 2022

Cape Town travelled to the Kraaifontein Sports Complex for the first time in the club’s long history, determined to exact revenge for their AMA20 defeat earlier in the season when the two sides met for the very first time.  They had reason to feel confident about doing so too, given that their hosts were lying second-last on the Premier League points table with just a single win from their eight matches.

In contrast to the previous day’s rain, the day dawned bright and sunny.  However, the rain had nevertheless left its mark, leaving a number of patches on the edge of the table sodden underfoot.  Another delayed start was consequently on the cards, despite the bright sunshine, and it thereafter also took a while for the decision to be made to apply sawdust to the affected areas.  The other alternative was to wait until the sun dried out the wet patches naturally, but that would’ve taken a while.  Even once Kraaifontein finally went with the sawdust route though, a long delay still lay ahead, as the shavings first had to absorb the moisture and then be swept off and the table cleaned up afterwards.  Ultimately the prospect of waiting around for that long was unappealing to the captains, and by 1½ hours after the scheduled starting time the captains had shaken hands and agreed to call the game off as offering no reasonable prospect of play.

Thus for the second time in two days Cape Town had shared the points without a ball being bowled, and though theirs was the only match on the day not to produce an outright result, the visitors maintained their sixth spot on the log – albeit with an ever-growing gap separating them from the pace setters at the top of the table.  Those below them meanwhile shuffled positions at the same time, closing the gaps between themselves to present a solid mass of chasing clubs.


G. Madden (c.), W. Cupido, D. Losper, A. Cupido, D. Campbell, C. Thyssen, S. Mazele, O. Kotze, I. September, R. Dilgee, A. Pekeur

Cape Town:
G. A. Dods (c.), W. C. Hantam, M. J. Goles, E. J. Cunningham, F. S. Middleton, K. M. Schreuder, C. A. Jeffery, N. A. Schultz, B. J. Young, M. D. Olsen, D. A. Rolfe

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