What to enjoy at a cricket club

Entertainment at a local cricket club can take on many ways, shapes and forms. Of course, the main attraction is often centred around what is going on across the field. But often, there is a lot happening off the field as well.

Here, we explore some of the offerings at local cricket clubs around Cape Town, South Africa and, yes, even the rest of the world.


What is often referred to as tea can actually turn out to be a full-blown meal. Players partake in this and so do those who are not involved in the match. From spectators and family members of the coaches, many are known to enjoy a sandwich, crumpet or some sort of other confectionaries when the time is right.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of darts? The thought of throwing a pointed, sharp thing at a disc of cork attracts many fans. With numbers on the line and wins to be had, it has similarities to the game of cricket. For those chasing the bullseye, there is the eternal hope of hitting the centre of the board. Long may it continue.

Seated games

A lot fo clubs house slot machines. This can be quite a lot of fun for those who dabble in the sport of chance. If the idea of sitting in front of a machine isn’t high on their agenda, they can always access the digital versions of the best online casinos and have fun with those.

Pool and snooker

Whipping out the pool table for some billiards or snooker is also another highly attractive option for those looking to keep busy on the sidelines of the cricket. Here, again, there will be a winner and a loser. It’s just as competitive as cricket. You can also play in partnerships, much like the batsmen and bowlers do out in the middle on any given occasion.

Having a barbecue

Lighting a fire and throwing some meat or vegetables on the grid for lunch or an early supper is among the pastime of many people in South Africa and surrounds. This can come with a few drinks and a good dose of banter about the tame that is being played or has just ended.


Some people like to really nerd out and follow the match by building their own stats around it. They are unofficial scorers in some senses, mapping out the digits with pen and paper to reflect on later. They spot trends and develop those as well. This can come in handy for the players, who can glean from these learnings and make changes for future matches.

Catch 40 winks

You might want to try and keep one eye open in case of balls flying by, but there are a lot of fans who actually enjoy catching a quick sleep next to the cricket match. The warm summer sun can be quite inviting for a fast nap. For others, though, this is not of interest. They simply want to just stay wide awake in order to watch the cricket.

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