2019-20 season statistics and milestones for First XI

Stats correct as of 16 March 2020

Overall run-scorers:

Overall wicket-takers:

Limited Overs League run-scorers:

Limited Overs League wicket-takers:

AMA20/20 League run-scorers:

AMA20/20 League wicket-takers:

Personal Milestones:

3 000 runs: CC Botha, WC Hantam, GA Dods

2 500 runs: MJ Goles

2 000 runs: MJ Goles

500 runs: AP Rouse, BM Petersen, JAJ Crowson

300 wickets: DA Rolfe, BJ Young

100 wickets: BM Petersen

50 wickets: NJ Scott

350 fielding dismissals: CC Botha

50 catches: DA Rolfe, BJ Young, WC Hantam

250 caps: MD Olsen

150 caps: BJ Young

100 caps: WC Hantam, MJ Goles

50 caps: BM Petersen, TJ Coetzee