Familiarise yourself with CTCC’s brief Covid-19 compliance guidelines

Last updated: 29 October 2020

The Western Province Cricket Association have approved Cape Town Cricket Club to commence cricket activities for the 2020-21 season.

This applies – with certain stipulations – to practices and matches for intra-club, inter-club friendly, Friendly Cricket Association, Cape Veterans League and WPCA league cricket.

Complete this form

Whether you are a member or visitor at Cape Town Cricket Club, please complete this brief Covid-19 compliance form.

Our qualified compliance officers

  1. Gary McClean
  2. Monique McClean
  3. Geoff Dods
  4. Mark Ritchie
  5. Tristan Laubscher


  • Maximum of six players per net
  • Captains and coaches responsible for ensuring all adhere to regulations
  • Complete the register and undergo quick screening before practice

Other measures

  • Sanitise regularly
  • No sharing of equipment
  • No spectators are allowed
  • Wear a mask

Additional downloads

CTCC’s WPCA approval for ‘return to train/play’

CTCC’s five Covid-19 compliance officers’ certificates

CTCC’s health protocols and operational plan

Standard risk assessment template


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